Culture and Kingdom is a podcast that discusses contemporary Western culture in light of the Kingdom of God. Chris Martin & David Mikucki ask and attempt to answer the question of how Christians individually and the church as a whole should respond to trending topics in our culture.

Episode 006: A Conflict of Worldview

Description: We start off talking about Chris’s favorite blogs for keeping up with Christian culture. After that, things get more serious as we talk about the issues surrounding the Charlie Hebdo attack: the worldview involved, the tactics of secularism, and whether or not Christians should use satire. Below are some links we talk about:

Episode 005: Our First Fight(s)

Description: In this episode, Chris and David talk read some listener reviews and discuss the following topics:

Recorded on December 9th, 2014

Episode 003: Christian Internet Conduct and the Case for Idolatry

Description: In this episode Chris and David continue getting to know each other and talk about the following:

Recorded on November 12th, 2014

Episode 002: Halloween, Harry Potter, and the Importance of Reading

Description: In this episode, Chris and David spend way too much time on introductions, then discuss the following topics:

  • Tips to help you read more
  • Should Christians read Harry Potter?
    • David’s microphone flips out and makes him sound like a robot.
  • Should Christians Celebrate Halloween?
    • David cites Deuteronomy 17, but meant Deuteronomy 18
  • Awkward Moments in Church History: Martin Luther – Tortured Soul with Tortured Bowels

Recorded on November 6th, 2014

Episode 001: Just Getting Started

Description: In this episode, David and Chris get to know each other and discuss a handful of articles. Recorded on October 14th.