About Culture and Kingdom

Culture and Kingdom is a podcast that discusses contemporary Western culture in light of Jesus Christ’s kingdom and lordship. It’s hosted by Chris Martin & David Mikucki. On it, we ask and try to answer the question of how Christians individually and the church as a whole should respond to trending topics in our society. Each episode lasts about one hour and covers anywhere from one to five topics. If you have something you’d like to hear us talk about, send us a note.


“It’s the best new podcast I’ve listened to since Serial.”
– Jonathan Howe, 31 year old “Swiftie,” and podcasting professional

“It’s probably the best podcast I’ve never listened to.”
– Katie Wylie, creative genius and all-around nice gal

About Chris Martin

Chris Martin is a blog manager and social media professional at LifeWay Christian Resources, and author of the blog Millennial Evangelical. In addition to writing about current cultural issues and ministry for Millennial Evangelical, Chris writes for the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, Gospel Centered Discipleship, and other Christian publications. Chris serves as a leader in the young adult and youth ministries at his church, and is pursuing his Master of Divinity at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. He is from Fort Wayne, IN, but presently lives in Nashville, TN with his wife. He loves reading, writing, listening to techno music, and watching the Chicago Cubs.

About David Mikucki

David is 25 years old and lives on Spokane, Washington, working as a graphic designer and front end web developer for Olive Tree Bible Software. He’s been married about a year to his wife, Sarah, who has actually helped him sound quite a bit less opinionated, believe it or not. In his free time, he enjoys reading theology and fiction, writing on his blog, photography, and making websites. His theological beliefs are best summarized by the Westminster Confession of Faith, which he thinks you should read sometime. You can find him on Twitter @davidmikucki or on his blog And the Rest of It.

The best way to understand Culture and Kingdom is to listen to some episodes.