Culture and Kingdom is a podcast that discusses contemporary Western culture in light of the Kingdom of God. Chris Martin & David Mikucki ask and attempt to answer the question of how Christians individually and the church as a whole should respond to trending topics in our culture.

Episode 016: We’re Back! Flooding, School, and Pope Palooza

Description: We’re back! After a Summer off, we’re kicking off season two by discussing our summers, some suggestions for working and going to school full time, and a somewhat extended discussion about the Pope and his recent visit to America. We thought it would be good to link to the Council of Trent, since it was mentioned. Also, the quote David was trying to remember from Luther was, “Religion is the default mode of the human heart.” Remember to subscribe or rate us on iTunes if you like the show and want to help us out.

Episode 015: The Celebrity Pastor Phenomenon w/ Special Guest Barnabas Piper

Description: In this episode, we talk about the “celebrity pastor” phenomenon. The idea of “celebrity pastors” has always existed, even as you think about the fame of people in Bible times, but with the world of social media and “platform” that surrounds us today, it seems as prominent ever. For this discussion, we invited Barnabas Piper to join us. Barnabas has a unique perspective because his dad is John Piper, one of the most famous pastors of the last 20 years.


Episode 014: Chris and David Don’t Get Left Behind

Description: In this episode, we discuss the end times and how our view of them changes how we live. A lot of the discussion centers around David’s post on the Great Commission, as well as several Scripture passages. The following links and passages may be helpful:

Episode 013: Evangelicals, Pews, and Statistics

Description: In this episode, Chris and David talk about the recently-released Pew Research data on America’s changing religious landscape. Here are some helpful articles:

Episode 012: Politics and Many Tiny Bloodsucking Creatures

Description: In this episode Chris and David take a listener request and discuss politics, homosexuality, and the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. The conversation in some ways centers around two articles: Selling Hangers to People Fresh out of the Closet (by David), and Not-So-Holy Week: Indiana, Religious Freedom, and You (by Chris).

Also mentioned:

Episode 011: Leaving Church for Starbucks, Plaid, and Beards on Stage

Description: In this episode, Chris and David discuss two articles that Chris wrote on good reasons and bad reasons for leaving a church. Al Mohler’s concept of theological triage was discussed because it can be a helpful resource for people who are trying to decide whether or not to leave a church over theological issues. Chris and David then also discuss how best to leave a church if you decide it’s time to move on.

Episode 010: Education and Knowledge Part II

Description: In this episode, Chris and David continue their discussion on knowledge and education. David lays out his case for why Christian children ought to have a Christian education and why Christians ought to trust Scripture as their standard for truth instead of science and reason. In the process, the subject of two and two adding up to four comes up and David references an essay called A Biblical View of Mathematics by Vern Poythress, which you should read. Lastly, our dynamic duo discuss Ephesians 6:4 and the implications of the Greek word paidea.

If nothing else, you should listen to this episode because Chris’s microphone sounds fantastic.

Episode 009: Education, Knowledge, and the Spiral of Stupidity

Description: In this episode, Chris and David start off by giving 6 tips on writing for bloggers. The main topic is education, which proved to be quite polarizing. After some discussion about homeschooling and sheltering kids, David brought up the subject of epistomology, which took a really long time to cover. That’s why this episode marks Culture and Kingdom’s first two part episode. Tune in for episode 010 to hear the conclusion.

Episode 007: Sportsing

Description: In this episode, Chris and David talk about the upcoming Super Bowl, money spent on sports, and sportsing in general. In the after show, they discuss the biblical/theological potential for the existence of aliens.